icubed consulting was formed in Brisbane, Queensland in 2004 by engineer Nick Canto and building designer Chris Cooper with the strategic vision of forming an integrated design practice focused on client outcomes. The replacement of the multi-discipline design team with a single entity allows us to collaborate more closely and inspire our team to think outside the traditional silos. The integrated team has grown through the addition of environmental services, urban planning and civil engineering to create a strong and diverse team capable of meeting project challenges.

Nick and Chris met at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba and had worked in consulting and construction firms prior to establishing the company to foster their passion for the entire project to deliver for the client, what should be delivered to them.

Through the growth of the company, diversity in market and projects, icubed consulting has managed these challenging times and are still focused on the same interesting projects now including a team of engineers, drafters, technicians, planners and administration staff.

“Compliance, function, aesthetics, constructability and cost driven solutions”